Cannabis is complicated

Reaching your target audience is not

Cannabis became legal in Canada on Oct. 17.

Professionals have questions. has the answers.


What is it?

A bookmarkable resource from HAB Press featuring content from Canada’s top legal, human resources and health and safety publications. Includes reliable news, analysis, experts and resources for professionals looking for answers — whether it’s dealing with cannabis in the workplace, interpreting legislation, managing M&A transactions or nailing down intellectual property rights.

Who reads it? is a bookmarkable resource for the business community. We bring our expertise and audience in the legal, HR and OH&S communities to populate the site with cannabis content and an engaged readership. In its first 12 months, the site is forecast to exceed over 600,000 impressions, and its monthly newswire will be delivered to 80,000 professionals. Our content and campaigns are also designed to appeal to senior executives, decision-makers within companies, and businesses engaged directly in cannabis production and distribution.


How do I connect with this audience?

For information on the opportunities available to you, as well as more information on our audience, click on the media kit below.